Privacy Screens
Privacy is a very important consideration when you have an outdoor pool, spa or hot tub and unless you are happy for your neighbours or passing pedestrians to catch a glimpse of you and your family taking a dip or enjoying some rest and relaxation after work, installing a privacy screen is probably a good idea.
Privacy can be achieved in a number of different ways. Foliage is always an attractive option, but other than going to the trouble and expense of planting a six foot hedge, it is likely to take a few years before you have enough foliage to provide a decent screen. So what are the alternative options?
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Timber privacy screens are the perfect solution for modern homes. An outdoor privacy screen constructed from timber is a stylish and attractive way of creating much-needed privacy in your outdoor living space or backyard.
Timber is a natural material, so it blends well with water, foliage and hard landscaping.
Unlike some other building materials, timber fits in well with just about any kind of architectural style.
From period properties to modern condos and apartments, a timber privacy screen will look great and do the job perfectly. You can also use privacy screens to create some personal space between balconies on adjoining apartments: a privacy screen is easy to erect and can be matched to any type of existing building.
Timber privacy screens can also be made to measure to suit the space you are working with, so you can install a screen on one section of the patio whilst leaving another area open.
A privacy screen made from horizontal strips of wood will give you privacy from prying eyes, but still allow the breeze to pass through, so even if the wind picks up, the screen is never going to be in danger of sustaining damage.
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Timber is also a hard wearing material that requires very little maintenance to stay looking good for many years, so once you have your privacy screen in place, you can enjoy your pool or hot tub, safe in the knowledge that nobody can see into your backyard.
And if you want to add some extra colour to your privacy screen, try planting a few climbing plants around the base of the screen and within a few years, the foliage will have grown and if the plant has flowers, your backyard privacy screen will be a riot of colour and verdant greenery during the spring and summer months.