Hoop Pine (Blonde Timber)

Botanical Name: Araucaria cunninghamii

Other Common Names:  Colonial Pine, Queensland Pine

Occurs naturally in drier rainforests from Hastings River, New South Wales, to Far North Queensland and as far inland as 300 km in some places. It is also grown in plantations, mainly in southern Queensland. Outside Australia it extends to Papua New Guinea.

Hoop Pine is a straight grained wood, evenly textured and very fine. The growth rings are not distinct, but they are visible, and the figure is mottled and plain. The heartwood ranges from light yellow brown to pale cream, and although there is little difference in colour between the heartwood and the sapwood, the heartwood is a little darker. Sapwood 7.5 – 15mm wide is often flecked and light brown in colour.

Hoop Pine glues well and can be painted, stained and polished easily. It machines and turns well, but is not suitable for steam bending. It can be used with standard fittings and fastenings. Hoop Pine is a Queensland timber whose ease of use has made it popular for general construction purposes, flooring, joinery, shelving and cupboards, furniture, and plywood. When treated with preservatives it is suitable for outdoor uses such as fencing, pergolas, landscaping and retaining walls.

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