Jarrah (Red Timber)

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Marginate

Jarrah is a large hardwood growing in the South-West corner of Western Australia and it’s appearance varies from rich reds to deep browns, with sapwood being a clearly distinguished pale yellow. The texture is course and generally straight grained although some interlocked grain may feature.

Jarrah is one of the few commercial species from Western Australia. Jarrah is renowned world-wide for its density, resistance to insect attack and beautiful rich red colour which deepens over time into a soft burgundy.

Jarrah’s beautiful colouring and exceptional hardness are a perfect combination for commercial and residential flooring. The common uses for Jarrah is decks, flooring, joinery, panelling, heavy construction, domestic structural framing.

The hardness is 8.5 and Durability is above Ground Class 2.

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