Kwila/Merbau (Brown Timber)

Botanical Name: Intsia bijuga or Intsia palembanica

Is a very hardy and resistant tropical hardwood. Kwila is a tropical hardwood which is found in South-east Asia, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. It can also be found in the northern tropical regions of Australia.

Kwila’s natural stability and unparalleled resistance to splitting provides for a very high quality finish of exceptional durability which can remain permanently outdoors in all types of harsh climates and weather conditions.

It has a average Hardness Rating – Dry: Hard. The Australian Department of Primary Industries has given Kwila timber a Rating One, which is the highest standard of suitability for outdoor timber furniture.

Kwila is often the material of choice for decking and other outdoor applications, as it will withstand even the harshest Australian weather conditions.

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