Radiata Pine

Botanical Name: Pinus radiate

Radiata pine, formerly referred to as Monterey pine or insignis pine, is a large softwood native to a very limited area of the west coast of North America but planted widely in the world’s south temperate zone, especially in South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and Australia.

In Western Australia, major plantations have been established in the south-west on fertile soil and in rainfall areas greater than 700 mm, but preferably south of Perth because further north the thin bark makes the species susceptible to sunscald.

The timber is particularly useful: it can be readily sawn, peeled, or converted to pulp, has good nail-holding power, works well, can be easily stained, and when treated with preservatives, is suitable for long-life applications in the ground.

Most common uses are General construction, flooring, panelling, furniture, joinery, plywood, particleboard, fibreboard, paper.

It’s appearance is a pale yellow-brown. Durability class 4.

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