Rosewood (Red Timber)

Botanical Name: Synoum Glandulosum

Other Names: Linggoa, Sena, Amboyna, Angsana, Narra, Padauk

Rosewood is a hardwood whose attractive colour has made it popular.

A small to medium hardwood of the coastal rainforests between Milton in New South Wales and Bundaberg in Queensland. It is also a hardwood native to South-East Asia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Sabah, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Its appearance is a Reddish Brown, similar to Rose Mahogany.

Suitable for high quality furniture and cabinet work. Also suitable for flooring, finely turned articles, gun stocks, rifle butts and decorative sliced veneer. It is prized for carving local artefacts and in making ceremonial hand drums. It has good acoustic and tonal qualities, making it suitable for musical instruments. This timber is very durable.

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