Sydney Blue Gum

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus saligna

Sydney Blue Gum is a tall tree, found along the New South Wales coastline extending from Batemans Bay in the south to southern Queensland.  The tree gets its name from both its prevalence around the city of Sydney and the sometimes bluish appearance of its bark.

The tree can grow to a height of more than 60 metres with some examples attaining heights in excess of 70 metres. The trunk is generally straight and typically free of branches on its lower half to two thirds. The species has also been grown extensively in plantations in South Africa.

The tree grows extremely rapidly in those conditions, with the resultant timber being of a much lower density (500-600kg/m3) than the mature Australian material. The timber is usually straight grained with a small percentage showing some interlocking grain. The texture is moderately coarse. The heartwood colour ranges from dark pink to reddish brown.

The timber is easy to work, fix and dress and has been extensively used in a variety of both structural and appearance applications, including flooring, joinery, furniture, domestic and commercial construction, cladding, panelling and boat building.

The heartwood is moderately durable Class 3.

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