Room Dividers
Room dividers can be an economic solution to define the layout of an open plan space. You can use room dividers to create a separate dining or living space within a larger room, or even divide a larger bedroom into two distinct sleeping spaces. But whatever your requirements, Stepahead Carpentry can bring your ideas to life by creating functional and stylish room dividers out of lots of different materials.
Stepahead Carpentry specialises in all kinds of timber and joinery work for the interior and exterior of homes and businesses and room dividers are just one of the many design and construction services we are pleased to be able to offer our clients in the New South Wales and Sunshine Coast area.
Room dividers are a very useful way of subdividing space within a home. You can use a stylish room divider to separate one part of a room from another, or to provide privacy where necessary. But room dividers do not just need to be functional—they should also be decorative and if the right design is chosen that is in keeping with the existing style of the home, a room divider constructed from top quality materials can become a beautiful design statement that enhances your room and living space.
Hardwood room dividers are always a popular choice, but room dividers can be constructed from all manner of different materials, including different timbers and metals. Wrought iron and glass room dividers can provide a highly decorative touch of glamour in a home, but if you are unsure of what material will be the most suitable for your room divider, feel free to give us a call and let us advise you on what types of products we can offer.
Quality is our promise and every room divider designed and constructed by our team of highly skilled craftsmen will be of the highest standard. We always work to the most exacting standards and because we want you to be 100% happy with your room divider, we can design and build any type of room divider.
No job is too big or small, so even if your project is fairly simple and you only have a limited budget, give us a call today to discuss your individual requirements. We have designed and constructed a huge range of different room dividers over the years, so we will definitely be able to help you choose the right room divider for your home.